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8 Reasons Paris Hilton is a Genius

Paris is widely regarded as the spoiled brat of millionaire parents who does nothing but party and shop. However, what the public should realize is that Paris has the world dancing on her command. She is in complete control of her life and every move she makes is geared towards creating a brand around herself. From this brand, she produces and successfully sells products, businesses, events and other ventures. She is a real genius with remarkable brilliance.

1. She started going to parties and enjoying them. A lot of people do this but she made sure everyone knew she was Paris Hilton and that she was partying off charts. She quickly established herself as the life of the party. Everyone just knew that if she goes to a bar, that bar is cool and people are going to have fun. In no time, bars were paying her half a million dollars to visit their club. The wonderful thing is that other people followed suit. She is a great investment.

2. When her sex video leaked out, the timing was perfect. It happened a week before her reality show went on air.

3. She made owning a dog so popular it suddenly became the standard of girlhood. It was so cool "her dog wrote a book" and then went missing the week the book was released.

4. Australia paid her $1 million to wave to a crowd and say "I love Australia". When she was asked why she loves Australia she said, "Because they paid me $1 million to wave to a crowd." Who wouldn't?

5. Her book was on New York Times bestseller list for more than a month. Who has done that? Grisham?

6. She wants people to think she's dumb. The more they think that, the more she earns.

7. On every endorsement deal she signs, the product triple its sales. In turn, she gets paid three times more. One clear example is Parlux Frangrances.

8. She has established herself as a real fashionista by being friends with all the top designers, appearing in different fashion shows, never wearing the same clothes twice, and by wearing pink often. After that, she launched her own fashion labels and put her name in almost every clothing and accessory piece you can think off. All of those have skyrocketing sales. Like that wasn't enough, she even launched a clothing line for dogs!

She has been open about the fact that she works hard. She is up by 6am to start doing things connected to earning money. I don't know why the world don't see how she has manipulated the world in her favor. As I've said, she's a genius.