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Advice On How To Control Christmas Weight Gain

Christmas is an important time of the year. We spend time with family and friends, travel, and give and receive gifts. Ultimately, Christmas is a notorious time of overeating. With a few precautionary steps, and a few lifestyle changes afterwards, it is very possible to control Christmas weight gain, after all as they say 'prevention is better than cure.

Statistics show that most people accumulate fat during Christmas, and most of those people actually never lose that weight. Over the course of a lifetime, this can become a significant factor in overall fat gaining and may have an impact on several potential long-term health problems. Take a look at a bit of information and by, these few simple steps could help you control Christmas fat gain.

A big problem in regards to this issue is the inconvenience of eating while traveling. Those who travel tend to eat much more fast food and other packaged or processed items found in grocery stores or gas stations. Take a precautionary step against this by packing small, healthy meals that can be stored and taken with you.

Ultimately, it will be tough to avoid gaining weight throughout this festive time of year. It is tough to avoid great tasting food, and even considered rude to not partake in some cases. Don't avoid meals, but simply be cautious and thoughtful about them. Aim to have smaller portions and try to cut back on things like mashed potatoes and dinner rolls. Look to fill up more on turkey as this is a lean meat, vegetables, and fruit for deserts.

Try not to arrive at a dinner or party too hungry. Consider having a small, healthy snack before arriving for dinner as a way to help cut down on portion sizes and help control Christmas weight gain. Also have a glass of water before a big meal, about thirty minutes or so prior to eating. This can be great for reducing overall hunger. Water is also a better alternative to sodas, sweet tea, and alcoholic beverages and egg nog.

Getting rid of the fat that most will put on through this time of the year will be considerably more difficult than putting the weight on. It can be done, however. An important step is to quickly get back to healthier meals after Christmas binging has taken place. Take healthier meals and break them up into small portions, but aim to have a small portion every few hours or so. This can be important for re-gaining portion control and putting metabolic rates back on track.

Exercise will also be important for losing Christmas weight. Most will turn to cardiovascular exercises like running, bicycling, or aerobic workouts as a way to burn off the pounds. These methods are great, but also aim to adopt some strength training as well. This will get muscles back in shape, and will work towards boosting metabolism and breaking a sweat. At the end of the day, many will overeat, citing their New Year's pledge to finally get fit. Unfortunately, most will never actually get started on this process, and the overeating that occurs will usually stick with them for a long time. By quickly getting back to a healthier lifestyle and taking a few precautionary steps, one can easily control Christmas weight gain.