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The Reebok i-Bike

The Reebok i-Bike is great for cycling enthusiasts everywhere! The brake system uses M-Force technology for silent braking and quiet general use. This cycle has 8 manual resistance levels to change up your routine when you want and the flywheel weight is 6 kilograms.

This bike shows everything you need to know with the LCD display. You can see the distance used, calories burned, heart rate, rotations per minute and of course the speed and time details. There are plenty of programs for various workouts that come installed including targeted, calorie based and distance goals.

The seat on this cycle is vertically adjustable for ultimate comfort and you can level out the bike by using the floor level adjustment ability which allows for a stable machine when in use. Also, the handle bars are completely able to be adjusted so that you can be seated correctly while getting through your workout properly.

The Reebok i-Bike is meant to be host to anyone whether they are new to cycling or a regular bike user. Training and weight loss are just some of the reasons to take up cycling as a regular way to get your exercise in throughout the week. The only requirement with this cycle is that you must weigh less than 120 kilograms as it is the maximum weight this bike can handle.

The dimensions of the Reebok i-Bike are slim enough to ensure that is can fit in a variety of places. Some people shy away from purchasing a home exercising machine like an exercising cycle because they think that they would not have room for one. Thanks the manufacturers of the modern days, many machines for exercising at home are completely able to fit in small areas like a bedroom or day room while still looking stylish in a lounge or living room.